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I'm Allyson, and I'm on a mission to help motivated bakers start and grow a life-changing bakery business. 

Let's do this!

Available Products

Dream Bakery Design Lab

Introducing the Home Bakery Start-Up Course: Dream Bakery Design Lab!

Are you ready to sell baked goods from your home kitchen but need help understanding the legal requirements?

In this course, you'll learn about the different elements of becoming a licensed kitchen so that you can legally sell the products you make at home.

I'll guide you through the research process with simple video lessons and a workbook for recording your important notes.

After you have completed the course you'll have a full understanding of your state's requirements and be ready to confidently sell your home-baked goods.

Recipe to Revenue

Spice up your baking game and turn those delicious recipes into a sweet revenue stream with Recipe to Revenue – where baking meets marketing for a recipe for success!

Say goodbye to the same old post and ghost routine and say hello to a full course in social media savvy designed just for bakers like you. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our program is packed with templates and caption help to make your treats stand out and get noticed.

Join us in Recipe to Revenue and discover how to use social media to attract new customers and get your goodies sold! Get ready to sprinkle some marketing magic on your menu!

Bake Better Academy

Running a baking business is no cakewalk—and going it alone can be so tough that you might just wanna throw in the towel! 

Break through the start-up overwhelm and navigate the hurdles with a community that shares your passion. 

Get expert help by joining Allyson in monthly chats, and get answers to all your baking and business questions.

Dive into 10 essential modules packed with over 60 video lessons that will empower you with the skills to overcome the unique challenges of selling baked goods from home.

Don’t bake harder, Bake Better!

The Perfect Pricing Calculator

The Perfect Pricing Calculator

The Perfect Pricing calculator teaches you how to strategically price your homemade goods so that you are sure to cover all your expenses and earn a profit for your business on every sale.

Includes a Quick Start Video so that you can get started pricing your recipes right away!

One-On-One Coaching with Allyson

My one-on-one coaching is for home bakers looking for a higher level of support. Gain confidence, clarity, and the skills you need to grow your baking business. 

Bakery Bookkeeping Bootcamp

👉In this bootcamp you’ll learn how to use the Bake Mate bookkeeping spreadsheet to:

💥Keep track of your spending

💥Record your income (even when you accept payments on multiple platforms)

💥Stay on top of your sales tax payments

💥Use the Bake Mate dashboard to get answers about how much money you are making

💥Know how and when to pay yourself!

Are you ready to gain control of your business finances?

🏁Let's Go!!

How to Make and Sell French Meringues

➤ Light, airy, and oh-so-irresistible – perfect for winter vibes and Valentine’s celebrations!

👉Learn how to make beautiful meringues with our easy-peasy tutorial.

👉Price for profit with our exclusive costing guide.

👉Share on social media using our ready-to-use materials.

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